The side that takes the biggest benefit out of the process, is the university, because it enables and trains the students in ways that totally diverge from the regular curriculum.
In the value addition for the universities there are six main points:

Innovation Tools

Both in the workshops, where around 400 students are reached; and in the event day, where 200 students will be present. Participants will be introduced to innovation tools that can be applied in daily basis, such as collective intelligence dynamics based in Team Academy methods. All of it is developed with a totally practical approach.

Direct collaboration and contact with companies

Global Futurizer provides direct collaboration and lands in the universities along with 10 companies.

It starts as an isolated collaboration but it leaves the doors open for potential opportunities in the future. This helps the university to be aware of the changes and needs in the market that it is training the students for. And for the students, it is an opportunity to be in direct touch with some of the most important people of the innovation department in some of the edgiest companies around.

Fostering entrepreneurship

Fostering entrepreneurship in the latest wave on tendencies, but no way is better than experimenting in practice. The Global Futurizer participants have the chance of experimenting first hand with basic business model generation process. Every student should know of this process and experience with given the economic situation, where entrepreneurial projects gain on importance.

Multidisciplinary hybridization

This process gives the students the chance of sharing and meeting people with radically different profiles and enrich their own. This is transversal process that opens the possibilities for students from different faculties to meet and break the dynamic where each faculty lives a parallel reality on an individual process. On the other hand this process is enriched with experts from different companies, which adds a huge value for the students.

Closing process (Team Academy)

For the process crystallization a feedback and learning session will take place applying Team Academy methodology, where conclusions will be extracted for future improvements.

Posicionamiento universidad innovadora

Este proceso posiciona a la universidad que lo experimenta como universidad dispuesta a afrontar el cambio. Teniendo en cuenta que Global Futurizer es una iniciativa mundial, todas las universidades que participan crean una red de universidades futurizadas referente. Además, incrementa el nombre y proporciona una imagen de las universidades en prensa, ya que es un proyecto con gran repercusión en prensa.

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