Global Futurizer is an initiative by TZBZ, a 9 entrepreneur founded cooperative, the first spin off of the LEINN degree first generation (class of 2013) of the Mondragon University.

It is part of Mondragon Team Academy community, where team work is the base for all activity. This entrepreneurial unit (Team Academy) was created in 1993 in the University of Applied Science of Jyväskylä (Finland).

“Four years together, three life changing trips, six months living under the same roof. Describing the team will be the most simple, but to make people understand what happened, and to transmit the understandment of the reality lived and learnt the closest to reality, is hard to put word for. We could not but transmit hardly half of the feeling.”

"We are a team of entrepreneurs with a common passion: support and motivate youth, innovation and education, ingredients to generate change in reality through company and youth change, inspiring them to become change makers"

− Team