Third edition in Madrid organized alongside UNIVERSIA | First National Call Edition

Global Futurizer is a process that aims to close the gap between university students and companies. After 12 editions, we come back to Madrid, for the third time, in November 30th 2017, in the first edition with a National Call co-organized with Universia.

In an 8 hour process, multidisciplinary teams of university talent will become the innovation department of some of the biggest companies in Spain and hand on hand with their directors will find solutions to real life challenges the companies are facing.


The companies will share real challenges they are facing in their every day. These companies are looking for the next generation of talent to bring in their teams.

Each company will share an internal case they are looking to solve and will be an active part of the working teams observing and identifying the solutions and participants that match with their values and working ethics that they are looking to incorporate into their company.



University students throughout all Spain, a country wide call for the next generation of talented leaders. People that want to show that their place is in cutting edge companies and that as workers they are capable of working under real time pressure, along with teams, creating real implementable solutions.

Enthusiastic people, full with energy, willing to explore and solve real life challenges and get in touch with potential employers. Working hand on hand during the final day with other students and company directos. We are looking for you.

selection process

The selection process is simple. You leave your C.V. and according to the needs of the companies and their challenges we will create the teams. In the final event we will have 96 finalists participating in Global Futurizer Madrid 2017.

1. Leave your C.V.
2. We filter all the curriculums down to 150
3. We will have an online session with the 150semi-finalists
4. We select the final 96

Is it you?

Leave your C.V !




Your C.V. and personal data that you are leaving in this form will be shared within Tazebaez S.Coop, as organizing company, and also with Universia and all the companies participating in the Global Futurizer Madrid 2017 edition.

event process

Crazy Ideation I
Each company has three minutes to explain its
challenge. Every team follows along closely to
prepare for the next step.

Crazy Ideation II
Each team has four minutes to provide as many ideas as possible for each challenge posed.

Team Brain Storming
Each team takes its canvas, filled with sticky notes, to review all the ideas. Additional ideas can be added

Idea Selection
Ideas selected by teams are placed in a quadrant of the COCD Box along “innovative” and “implementation” axes.

Product Template
Teams choose the top three ideas and complete these three product/service templates with a title, description, and added value.

Physical and Digital Prototype
Teams can use various materials to create a physical prototype of their solution. Also they can use easy digital tools to create a quick and easily navigable prototype of their solution.

Business Model Canvas
Teams use the ‘Business Model Canvas’ to describe, design, challenge, and adapt their solution’s Business Model.

Teams have two minutes to pitch their idea to the other teams and panel members, who have two minutes for questions.