When we talk on hybridization we are talking about creating through the fusioning of two or more ingredients in a no-natural way. This means creating something that does not exist. Therefor we can say that in Global Futurizer we hybridize on three levels, meaning that we provide three different frameworks in which hybridization happens outside of the daily conditions.


It can be said that one of the bases of our project is the theory in The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson. The importance of mising different ideas, concepts, disciplines and cultures in the same place, what he calls “intersection.”

That is the reason behind the multidisciplinary teams, having different profiles of university students and experienced people in the working worlds, making connections happen.


We come from an educational system that works hand on hand with the working market, this is what pushes us to fulfill the gap among the two worlds giving the opportunity to more students to experience the process we have gone through.

We strongly believe in the potential of creating collaboration spaces actively dynamiced with the aim of searching for new opportunity creation among universities and companies. Bilbao Berrikuntza Fakatoria (Bilbao Innovation Factory) is an example of this.


When it comes to companies, we chose the widest variety possible based on market. In the other hand, we try for the cases to be diverse and for them to involve more than one sector to optimize the “hybridization” on bigger scale.