The collective and open innovation process of Global Futurizer, benefits the companies by breaking with their daily dynamics in the following 5 ways:

New Business Models through external agents and methodology

The main benefit that the companies gat from this process are the new business models, whether those are products or services, that respond to the addressed challenges.
They get inputs from the students, ideas that mostly they would not come up with in their internal I+R+D centers. Agents take it from students as external agents supported by the right methods given by Global Futurizer.

Contact and Direct collaboration with the university

On the other hand, it is also a way to identify young talent as the future for the company, it is the first time that the companies meet the students working side by side in a practical and collaborative way. This can facilitate the recruitment process for a future intern.


Innovation Tools

Taking into account that at least one person from every company will be present on the event day, they are exposed to innovation tools that may be introduced in the daily dynamics, such as collective intelligence dynamics based in Team academy Methodology and any other theory and tool used in the event day (basic business model generation processes).


Hybridization among sectors and companies

There are 10 companies present in each Global Futurizer edition, from 10 different sectors.
The companies are in touch with each other, which opens up the possibility of learning about the other participants strategical projects and facilitate future cooperation. The simple action of learning about new tendencies may be the first step into collaboration or future inspiration.


Closing process (Team Academy)

For the process crystallization a feedback and learning session will take place applying Team Academy methodology, where conclusions will be extracted for future improvements.