On march 24th 2015 Global Futurizer landed for the second year in a row in Madrid. This year’s edition was held exclusively with the Camilo Jose cela University; being again, the only event that gathers all the faculties. This year though, in order to improve the results of the event and take the multidisciplinarity of the teams to a whole new level, engineering students of the Rey Juan Carlos University were invited as well.

Special mention must be made to the fact that for the first time in the history of Global Futurizer, an official university exam was taken by one of the classes, 2nd year Interactive Product Development students on the Gamification subject (special thanks to the teacher Carlos Tardón). The companies were very interested and finally very satisfied with this third team, that was for the first time integrated by same profile students.

Empresas participantes

The companies that participated in this edition were leaders from very different sector which enabled a very “friendly” atmosphere and interactions among the participant teams and the different managers attending. They are all very committed with this kind of highly interactive and open innovation processes hand on hand with young talent. The companies were Ferrovial (a comeback from last year), Mapfre, Repsol and Ashoka. The challenges were almost the same as the ones in the Barcelona edition held hardly a month before.

ferrovialHow could we innovate in elements and systems on the highways in order to improve drivers’ safety?


How could we inspire the education community to develop itself towards what the ChangeMaker schools are doing?

RepsolHow could we build a differential value proposal for youth in the Gas Stations?


How could we make Mapfre more appealing for youth?

Así, por primera vez, las empresas participaban en dos ediciones consecutivas con el mismo reto.

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