After the adventure that the organization of the Shanghai and Mumbai editions, we were landing in the Basque Country for the first time with the Global Futurizer name, given the fact that the very first edition hosted in Arrasate was under the name of Futurama MU.

It took place in an innovation environment and a lot of opportunities for youngsters. It was an university students oriented session within the Global Innovation Day organized by InnoBasque, the basque Agency for innovation, in the Euskalduna Palace.

This edition was focused on the Basque and Bilbao’s entrepreneurial scene. The universities that participated were the main ones in the Basque Country: University of the Basque Country, Deusto and Mondragon University.

The companies were all Basque, and most of them had facilities in Bizkaia. They were all innovative, and this character eased the work of the young giving them the opportunity of loosen their imagination to design and prototype new products and services.

Assistance 3 main Basque universities